Trump supporter: Victims “Asking for it”

Trump supporters? Women he sexually assaulted? Some of his supporters believe the stories–they just don’t care. A 73-year-old woman made her point of view plain to the New York Times:

Dianne DeWolfe, 73, of Palm Beach Gardens said she thought the accusers were “embellishing what might have happened,” and she questioned the timing of the revelations.

“It’s baloney to come out now,” she said. “They’re opportunists. Listen, no man attacks a woman unless she’s looking like she’s asking for it.

[Emphasis mine.]

“[U]nless she’s … asking for it.”

It sounds like the Trump supporters have thrown off their own “shackles” and admitted that it doesn’t matter what their candidate does or has done. At all.

I wonder how this woman will feel when her family and friends read what she said. I hope they are horrified and tell her so.


Rape scene in “Observe and Report”

The rape scene in Seth Rogan’s new movie, “Observe and Report”, has gotten some press. Disappointingly, the reactions have been mixed.It isn’t surprising, unfortunately, that people are bristling at the negative responses to a man choosing to have sex with a woman who is drunk and stoned…and unconscious.

Is it still acceptable to undress, fondle, and stick your lower appendage into your unconscious dinner date? Judging from the response, yes. After all, it’s a comedy. (At least, that’s what I hear. Honestly, the only thing funny about this movie is Seth Rogan’s other movies.