Trump supporter: Victims “Asking for it”

Trump supporters? Women he sexually assaulted? Some of his supporters believe the stories–they just don’t care. A 73-year-old woman made her point of view plain to the New York Times:

Dianne DeWolfe, 73, of Palm Beach Gardens said she thought the accusers were “embellishing what might have happened,” and she questioned the timing of the revelations.

“It’s baloney to come out now,” she said. “They’re opportunists. Listen, no man attacks a woman unless she’s looking like she’s asking for it.

[Emphasis mine.]

“[U]nless she’s … asking for it.”

It sounds like the Trump supporters have thrown off their own “shackles” and admitted that it doesn’t matter what their candidate does or has done. At all.

I wonder how this woman will feel when her family and friends read what she said. I hope they are horrified and tell her so.


There’s Something Going On …

Donald Trump always figures things out. That’s the only boast in this four-sentence claim taken from this Politico article:

” … Trump suggested Ryan is part of some “sinister deal” to undermine his bid for the White House, although he didn’t offer specifics.

“There is a whole deal going on there,” Trump said. ‘There is a whole deal going on and we’re going to figure it out. I always figure things out. But there’s a whole sinister deal going on.'”


Here’s my reaction:

There’s always something “going on” with Trump’s enemies–even the ones who aren’t running against him. This is the first time I’ve seen him use the word “sinister” and he used “whole deal” instead of his normal “there’s something going on.” Great language skills, Donald.

It’s good to know that Trump always figures things out, though. Whew. And I was worried he wasn’t capable of … . Oops–I got so caught up in his boasting I almost forgot Trump’s a pathological liar. (Okay, I didn’t really forget, I just wanted to put that sentence in for color. The other three sentences are the same. I guess that adding “sinister” gave him a chance to expand his vocabulary. Kudos for the dictionary usage.)

Trump uses eleven words that *aren’t*:


I’d like to know how many times he uses this sentence/phrase–but not enough to spend weeks looking it up. This election will be over in 26 days(!). Until then I’ll spend almost 200 hours making sure Hillary Clinton becomes our President on November 8.

Is Melania Trump a Public Figure?

Melania Trump’s lawyer threatened to sue three publications regarding their allegations that the former model is also a former escort. LiberalAmerica issued a prominent apology for their article. If you haven’t seen anything about this story, their apology is an excellent recap of the entire “scandal,” which, like many parts of the Trump lifestyle, would have died a natural death if they hadn’t turned it into a scandal.

“I’m also sorry beyond words that Mrs. Trump decided to take the stage at the GOP convention and give a speech … said that only her husband could effectively lead and save the United States. That only her husband could make America great again. In my book, that makes her a public figure, meaning that I can say any damn thing I want about her and she has no recourse whatsoever. Libel is almost impossible to prove, but she and her husband have unlimited financial resources and I don’t, so I have no choice but to write this mea culpa.”  [Emphasis mine.]

The author’s words made me curious. Is Melania Trump a public figure?

My research didn’t definitively answer that question. It did point to several legal rulings, indicating lawsuits are often required to figure it out. Laura Bush is a public figure because she is married to someone with a great deal of power and influence. Melania Trump is also married to someone who has a great deal of power and influence and is publicly encouraging Americans to give him, and, by extension, herself, even more. Does that make her a public figure?

According to Melania Trump’s lawyer, yes.  Continue reading

Trump Promises Religions Political Power

Separation of church and state?

Donald Trump is more of a freedom of religion guy. If freedom means unmitigated power, Trump has promised religious leaders he’ll give them all the freedom their money can buy, according to a Time article that details the businessman’s promises, like spending unlimited sums of tax-exempt money in politics.

“If I get elected President, one of the early things, one of the absolute first things I’m going to do is work on totally knocking out the Johnson Amendment,” he said. “The power you have is so enormous. It’s not like you represent two percent of the country and it’s going to be difficult. You’re probably 75, 80 percent. If you want to put your full weight … I mean, can you imagine if all of your people start calling up the local congressman and the local senator?”

Mr. Trump assured them that power would mean a rise in church attendance. He also promised them a “strongman” in the White House.

Is that an apocalypse I see in the distance?

Policing Change?

The Baltimore Police Department does a damn poor job with female and transgender victims.Suspects are ignored, rape kits left dormant, victims are treated as criminals and transgendered people are treated like trash.

Their Police Commissioner, Kevin Davis, has promised “a sea change,” beginning with a “trusted captain” heading a new Sex Offense Unit.

At least, that’s the official story. But maybe the feds and the Commissioner are being too hard on the department.

Capt. Steven Hohman, the commander of the department’s Special Investigations Section, which contains the Sex Offense Unit, declined to respond to individual examples in the report. “I believe that much of the work was being done,” Captain Hohman said. “We just weren’t very good at documenting.”

In other words, the United States Department of Justice’s review of Baltimore City Police Department wasn’t necessary. Their report? A waste of time and taxpayers’ money. The Baltimore Police Department wasn’t continuing to keep a higher percentage of rapists on the street than other cities do. They weren’t coercing prostitutes or ignoring crimes against transgender individuals. No, the cops were just a little lax in their paperwork.

Captain Hohman is the captain in command of that “new unit”. And according to him, all Baltimore needs to improve is their paperwork.

I feel safer already.

Donald Trump can’t shut up

Someone asked why the news media was relatively quiet when Hillary Clinton screwed up and so much louder when Donald Trump did. Here’s my answer:

Because Trump won’t shut up long enough for Hillary’s problems to catch hold in the news. He literally can’t.
The FBI report brought her numbers down. Trump got a convention bounce. WikiLeaks released DNC emails. Trump’s poll numbers went way up.
What did he do? He started a fight with a Gold Star mother and father.
Trump can’t go more than forty-eight hours without making headlines. Not because the media is picking on him; because he _needs_ the press coverage. He can’t live without it and he’ll say anything to get it. It’s like the applause at his rallies — if the crowd loves it, he’ll repeat it.
Kind of like a lizard sunning himself on a rock in the middle of an orange desert sucking up every UV ray he possibly can.
I don’t like the guy and my image might reflect that, but other than the lizard the facts are just the facts.
Trump chases the media, the media sells the ads.
Hillary is keeping her head down and delivering the papers.

B-37 Claims She Didn’t Know How Much People Cared About Zimmerman Verdict

Juror’s long-planned book plans fall through

Juror B-37 has lost her publisher. A juror in the Zimmerman trial, she states she planned from the beginning to write a book. Her ex-publisher says that B-37 contacted her within 24 hours of the verdict.

She planned to write a book before the trial even began.

She contacted the publisher on a Sunday afternoon.

She appeared on Anderson Cooper on Monday night. (Anderson, I’m disappointed in you. I know it’s your job, but still…)

Now–it’s Tuesday–juror B-37 claims she’s withdrawn her plans because she didn’t know how much the public cared about the George Zimmerman trial or the verdict that exonerated him from any responsibility in the shooting/killing of Trayvon Martin. If she didn’t know how much people cared, she wouldn’t be writing a book. She wouldn’t have contacted the publisher within 24 hours.

B-37 wanted to get in first, because she evidently believes the five other jurors are also chomping at the bit to earn money and fame from the murder trial of a 17-year-old boy.

How can anyone believe she didn’t know what kind of uproar there was over this case?

B-37 “didn’t know”. Bullshit. She had plenty of time to find out how much attention people were paying, how much press the verdict was getting, and to decide to ask for her book deal ASAP. 37 didn’t call this publisher first, though–she was “recommended” by a “high-ranking producer of one of the morning shows”.

As an added bonus, and to get ever more press and hurt even more people (to get even more press), she let the public know (via Anderson Cooper) that George is “a man whose heart was in the right place”.

His heart was in the right place when he killed a 17-year-old boy. His heart was in “the right place” when he followed him, late at night, through the streets. While I’m not certain how that applies to the verdict, which isn’t about the location of his heart, I see “publicity” written all over it. Maybe a guilty verdict wouldn’t have garnered as much media attention, since there wouldn’t be the same level of anger or disbelief, and Zimmerman would be behind bars. That’s not such a good place for your main character to be, publicity-wise–you need him front and center.

She’s done a great job, however, of making a bad situation even worse. It was vicious when OJ wanted to write a book called “If I Did It” (same publisher, by the way), years after he “did it” (yes, my opinion). But for a juror to plan her book before a murder trial even began? Is there any way she didn’t have a plot line in mind through the whole damn thing? No.

The juror was planning to write it with the help of her attorney husband.

The publisher has withdrawn her offer. She never should have made it.