Donald Trump can’t shut up

Someone asked why the news media was relatively quiet when Hillary Clinton screwed up and so much louder when Donald Trump did. Here’s my answer:

Because Trump won’t shut up long enough for Hillary’s problems to catch hold in the news. He literally can’t.
The FBI report brought her numbers down. Trump got a convention bounce. WikiLeaks released DNC emails. Trump’s poll numbers went way up.
What did he do? He started a fight with a Gold Star mother and father.
Trump can’t go more than forty-eight hours without making headlines. Not because the media is picking on him; because he _needs_ the press coverage. He can’t live without it and he’ll say anything to get it. It’s like the applause at his rallies — if the crowd loves it, he’ll repeat it.
Kind of like a lizard sunning himself on a rock in the middle of an orange desert sucking up every UV ray he possibly can.
I don’t like the guy and my image might reflect that, but other than the lizard the facts are just the facts.
Trump chases the media, the media sells the ads.
Hillary is keeping her head down and delivering the papers.