Westboro Baptist Now Hates Racing

Jael Phelps picketing Trinity Episcopal Church...

Jael Phelps picketing Trinity Episcopal Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Westboro Baptist Church has a new event to picketFormula 1 racing. This evidently has something to do with the military. (No, I don’t know what it is…I’m not a freak!) If you’re not familiar with Westboro Baptist, it’s a church that is so far to the right that not even Rick Santorum will agree with them in public. (He may not agree with them at all, but I’ve never seen Santorum denigrate Christian theocracy.)

Westboro Baptist Church has not come out against incorrect spelling or grammar. Fred Phelps, the lemming’s leader, probably thinks spell check is the devil’s work. Or maybe he had his 8 y.o. grandson write the website.

Misspelled words (even typos, because the WBC has a zero-tolerance policy) are bold red; incorrect words are bold blue.

Fred Phelps, the leader of the small and crazy Kansas-based church, is going to be in Austin for the Formula One race to protest it. According to the church’s diplomatically named website, godhatesfags.com, this is why they are protesting the race:

WBC will picket Formula 1 racing at The Circuit of The Americas in Austin, TX to remind this nation that God hates the vwicked people of this land of vain idolaters and that they shall be turned into Hell. These sporting events resemble the patriotic worship-the-flag pep rallies masquerading as sodlier’s funerals in that this Bible-ignorant fools worship these race car drivers like they are little gods! Shame on these people for worshipping these athletes instead of following the plain commandments of their God. They ought to obey today before it is too late. WBC knows they will not, never the less, we will kindly warn them to flee the wrath to come. These are the last days of all, Doomed america. Wake up before you find yourselves cast into the deep pit of endless fire!