When Did Ann Romney Get Multiple Sclerosis?

When did Mrs. Romney develop MS? And why is it so hard to find out?

Every article I’ve found agrees that Ann’s diagnosis came just before Thanksgiving 1998. Most state Ann’s symptoms began in 1997. Symptoms like numbness, severe fatigue, difficulty swallowing, difficulty walking. Symptoms that would send anyone to their doctor–even the nearest emergency room.

But when Ann gave a December 2002 interview, she put her symptoms-to-diagnosis period in a reasonable time frame.

Her diagnosis came just before Thanksgiving 1998, after the first attack, a month earlier, had left one side of her body numb.

I found a newer NYT article (8-2012) which leaves out when Mrs. Romney’s symptoms started (which is, sadly, important). The article gives no indication they began a year before.

It was the fall of 1998 … Ann, was not well. She was exhausted, and having difficulty walking; her right foot was dragging.

In 1998, one month after that first attack, Ann did what any able person would have done–she called her doctor. The family doctor referred her to a neurologist. The neurologist ran some tests, then he ordered an MRI, and Ann was formally diagnosed with MS just before Thanksgiving.

Ann Romney’s symptoms started in October of 1998. Her diagnosis came in November of 1998.

Not one year. One month.

It’s unbelievable that Ann suffered through 1997 without calling her doctor, then called him as soon as the symptoms lessened, but that story is repeated–and reported–over and over again. But the media reports the ridiculous year-long gap without a qualm. Why do people believe Ann Romney waited a year to see a doctor? Why do the Romneys lie about that time frame?

Because Mitt Romney went to Utah to take over the 2002 Olympics less than three months after that diagnosis. And Ann Romney claims the first year was awful.*

In other words, if Ann Romney’s symptoms first appeared in 1997, she was out of that first miserable year—perhaps even in remission—by the end of 1998. And that makes Mitt less of a dick.

Mitt says his wife “insisted” he take over the Olympics. Ann goes even further, claiming the organizers called her, because they knew Mitt would turn them down flat. She finally managed to wear him down.

Ann Romney must be Superwoman. She literally “wore down his rejection” until he accepted the job in Utah. That is truly amazing, because, in Ann’s own words:

“I didn’t have the energy to even talk to anybody. It’s like a gray cloud that invaded every cell of my body. It was in the brain. It was in my muscles. It was in my organs. I had no ability to almost do anything,” she recalls.

How did Ann wear down her other half–who was so loving, so caring, and so supportive, when she was too fatigued to speak?

Coming soon: The Romneys did not move to Utah together.

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