Romney Tells A Truth: Campaigns Issues Correction

Romney: Obama ‘Did Not’ Raise Taxes – ABC News.

That’s correct. Mitt Romney told the truth. His campaign quickly issued a correction:

“Governor Romney was clearly communicating about an additional tax increase President Obama is proposing on American small businesses that will jeopardize over 700,000 jobs. Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan will stop the President’s tax increases, create 12 million new jobs, and turn our economy around.”

For Mitt, lying makes sense: It’s business. And when the truth slips out, he makes headlines. But what I keep shaking my head about is the campaign’s oft-repeated claim that Romney will create 12 million jobs. It’s so specific. Not ‘over’ 12 million, not ‘at least’ 12 million, but precisely 12 million new jobs. Like he counted. Like he’s got the contracts drawn up, just waiting for his signature.

Is Romney really admitting how much his election would help the Chinese?