Erasing an Elephant’s Memory: GOP Joke of the Day

English: A female African Bush Elephant in Mik...

English: A female African Bush Elephant in Mikumi National Park, Tanzania (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Two men, each carrying a ladder and a compressed air hose, walk to either side of an elephant. They climb up the ladders until they are the same height as the animal’s ears. The elephant doesn’t move.

At the same time, each man lifts one of the elephant’s outer ears.

The man on the left keeps his face behind the elephant’s outer ear. The man on the right holds the air hose near the inner ear, turns it on and runs it for about 60 seconds. The elephant twitches, but doesn’t run.

Now the man on the right moves behind the outer ear, keeping the right ear lifted. The man on the left carefully repeats the process, blowing compressed air into the elephant’s left ear for a full minute. The animal becomes more agitated, but eventually stills.

The men gently let go of the elephant’s ears. They carefully climb down, fold the ladders, pick up the air tanks, and leave.

As they walk away, one man looks to the other and says: “I sure hope nobody tries to pin a campaign button to that damn balloon!”