Mitt Romney’s 1981 Arrest

Why did I have to run a deep search on a completely different topic to find out Mitt Romney was arrested in 1981??

The arrest is only important because it is a perfect example of what Mitt believes and how he acts. Yes, prep school was a long time ago, and conservatives claim he got over his attitude problems while knocking on doors in France. But this wasn’t in the 1960’s, this was in 1981. By then, Mitt was important enough to get the details of arrest, and what followed it, in the Boston Globe.

I haven’t purchased the article yet, but here are the basics: A guard told him Romney not to put his boat in the water. Romney didn’t think the cop’s reason was viable. Romney put the boat in the water. And whaddaya’know? Mitt Romney got himself arrested!

Damn those peons.

If anyone truly believes that Mitt Romney will appoint people to his cabinet because they are more qualified and have more knowledge in their field than he does, and Mitt will then LISTEN to those people, you’re dead wrong.

Even worse than the attitude is what happened next.

The charges were dismissed. That’s not a big deal. But Romney got the court to seal the records, and sealing records IS a big deal. Again, he wasn’t a juvenile. In this situation, sealing records was totally unwarranted. But, gee…it’s a Romney.