The Way It Was | Mother Jones


The Way It Was | Mother Jones.

Everyone should read this article. Everyone. These pages are full of experience, history, and facts; this is the most illuminating article on illegal abortions I’ve ever read (and I’ve read several). It ends with this truth:

“The arguments [against] would … be irrelevant to the facts: From the moment I started looking for an abortion, not once did I even consider going through with the pregnancy. Not for one second. It simply was not going to happen. Nothing, and I mean nothing, was going to stop me, and it could have cost me my life. And this is what I had in common with millions and millions of women throughout time and history. When a woman does not want to be pregnant, the drive to become unpregnant can turn into a force equal to the nature that wants her to stay pregnant. And then she will look for an abortion, whether it’s legal or illegal, clean or filthy, safe or riddled with danger. This is simply a fact, whatever our opinion of it. And whether we like it or not, humans, married and unmarried, will continue to have sex…and there will be pregnancies: wanted, unwanted, partly wanted, partly unwanted.

A society that does not accept the facts is a childish society, and a society that makes abortion illegal…is a … society that makes being female a crime.”

Gerri Santoro was a victim of the law. A graphic police photo of her dead body drew more people to the pro-choice movement.

When Texas chose to defund every Planned Parenthood clinic because of their name, it knew who would suffer. When a federal court ruled in Texas’ favor, they based their decision on Texas refusing all federal funding for the women’s health care program.

According to Texas’ own government, Women’s Health Saves Texas Millions ($54 million/year, in fact.) Texas, running a deficit, can’t pay for their own Women’s Health program. The decision was not purely political, it was also paternal. The little women don’t know what they need to be healthy: Texas does.

According to Texas’ Governor Rick Perry, removing safe and affordable health care from the lives of tens of thousands of women was a “win for women”. These are women without insurance, without disposable income, without access to any other medical center: These women didn’t win, Governor, they lost.

This isn’t about abortion–the clinics didn’t perform abortions–this is about every medical issue specific to women: mammograms, diagnosing and treating STD’s, pap smears, cervical cancer, birth control, vaginal infections (which, untreated, can lead to health problems that include, ironically, infertility). Texas has already seen the effects, and they’ll only get worse. (Planned Parenthood is appealing, as of September 4, 2012.)

This is more than telling your neighbor she has no choice. This is more than telling your 12-year-old sister she has to carry your uncle’s seed for another eight months. It’s more than your wife dying from sepsis. It’s more than our government controlling each and every movement in a woman’s uterus. Anti-choice activists know that women will die. The elected officials of Texas know that women will die. They just don’t care.