Paul Ryan vs Barack Obama: Birth Announcements

Researching Paul Ryan‘s Congressional past, I found this article; the author (who seems to be a huge fan) actually located Ryan’s birth announcement and gave it to him. Below is Paul Ryan’s birth announcement. Or is it? There’s no date, no city, no state, not even a father’s name. It just says Mrs. Paul Ryan had a son at Mercy Hospital. But Mrs. Paul Ryan had more than one son.


Is it real?

Paul Ryan’s mother had a son at Mercy Hospital. Somewhere. Sometime.

Mr and Mrs Obama

Mr. and Mrs. Barack H. Obama had a son on August 4th. Their residence was 685 Kalanianaole Highway.

Not that anyone, including me, is contesting Paul Davis Ryan’s citizenship. Paul, however, did use another name–P.D.–before he began using his birth name. *
*  (I found the other name info on Wikipedia, but his page was altered–and the nickname removed–in the 24 hours between my reading it and my writing about it. Did someone want to protect Paul Ryan from the “alias” police?)



Barack Obama’s birth announcement (I’m only showing one, but there are two) gives more information than Ryan’s: Mr. and Mrs. Barack H. Obama had a son on August 4th. Barack and Stanley weren’t married long, and even the wackiest of birthers haven’t suggested they had more than one child.