Arizona Abortion Bill Claim: Women Are Always Pregnant

Arizona lawmakers gave final passage to three anti-abortion bills Tuesday afternoon, including one that declares pregnancies in the state begin two weeks before conception.[Emphasis all mine]

UPDATE: Jan Brewer signed these bills into law today. 04/13/2012

Arizona woman are about to be pregnant even when they aren’t. Sex is no longer a requirement for pregnancy, because you could still get pregnant. This goes even further than personhood–there isn’t even a swimmer on the calendar.

What will Perpetual Pregnancy do to the legal use of birth control pills? [Cue Monty Python’s “Every Sperm Is Sacred“.]

The outrageousness of pregnancy before conception is a boon to the anti-choice groups. As more and more unbelievable bills are written, voted on, voted for, and signed into law, the shock value lessens.  18 weeks makes 20 weeks more reasonable. Giving the doctor the legal right to withhold information makes requiring the doctor to give too much information reasonable.

Abortion is a legal right (see Roe vs Wade). The anti-choice* groups started chipping away at Roe vs Wade since they lost the case. They’ve learned that a jackhammer makes more headlines–and makes the sound of a hammer easy to tune out.

After all, 20 weeks is much more reasonable than 18.

Note: Anti-choice groups are made up of a large percentage of men, who can never understand any part of pregnancy, and women who refuse to admit they made–or will make–a choice to continue their pregnancy. Sarah Palin–who is rapidly anti-choice–publicly stated she chose to continue her pregnancy after finding out the baby had Down’s Syndrome. Sarah made a choice. While Rick Santorum has no uterus, he claims he and his wife chose to continue her last pregnancy, knowing the baby had Trisome’s and was unlikely to live to her first birthday. (Bella is three.)

Even the bumper sticker sentiment is an oxymoron: Choose Life. Ignorant minds don’t grasp the point they are making. Choosing not to have an abortion is a choice. I chose not to have an abortion four times. I was pregnant four times. I gave birth four times. I made my choices. I want every woman to have the choice–even the women who want to take it away.

Arizona Abortion Bill: Legislators Pass Three Bills, Including One That Redefines When Life Begins.


3 thoughts on “Arizona Abortion Bill Claim: Women Are Always Pregnant

  1. Please stop perpetuating this misinformation. The definition of “gestational age” used in the AZ law is the standard method used by the entire medical profession and the same dating system referred to in Roe’s references to viability at 28 weeks, Casey’s suggestion of 24 weeks, and other state laws that refer to either 24 or 20 weeks. Yes, it is weird, but it is the same weird method the rest of the United States uses in both medical and legal contexts. There is nothing new or noteworthy about this part of the bill.

    The law also specifically defines “pregnancy” as “a female reproductive condition of having a developing unborn child in the body and that begins with conception” and “conception” as “the fusion of a human spermatozoon with a human ovum.”

    However, the mythical “18 weeks” does NOT “make 20 weeks look good.” A 20 week restriction is outrageous, being at least 4 weeks from the current medical standard of “viability,” the test enshrined in Roe v. Wade. Which makes this bill, and others like it, totally unconstitutional, as long as we still have enough justices who actually uphold Roe.

    Full text of bill:


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