Conservative Men Against Contraception, Women, and the Sexually Active 99%

Michael B. Keegan: 99% of Women Have Used Contraceptives. The GOP Again Goes For The 1%.

The number is 99% of American women, aged 15-44, who have ever had sex. In this equation, men in power–and those who want to be–represent the 1%. This isn’t a class war, but the same old chest-beating, club-dragging, women-owning misogynists we’ve seen since time immemorial.

It’s important to remember that contraception doesn’t only mean birth control pills. The pill gets the most press, because it has always been equated with “sexual freedom” and women’s equality–things that are still considered “wrong” by too many men. However, other methods–hormonal or not–are still contraception.

The neo-conservatives support birth control that keeps the man in charge, like withdrawal and condoms. According to them, a woman’s control of her body is limited solely to keeping her legs shut. With or without a Bayer aspirin between her knees.