Holy War Over Health Care?

Fundamentalists Riot Over Equal Rights

Shari’a fundamentalists are rioting in Arab streets to protest a new law allowing women to access health care without the permission of a male.

Sounds bad, doesn’t it? It’s not happening.

I don’t have the specifics on Arab nations and health care. It catches the eye, though, when “Holy War Over Health Care Law” doesn’t. It’s not big news to see Catholic officials are attempting, again, to bend the government’s to their specific religious dogma. Their complaint isn’t only a woman’s right to choose to carry a pregnancy to term (or not); it is the government’s foolish insistence that women receive equal health care options.

The Catholic church wants a tax-exemption and a governmental “break every rule with impunity” card. (Similar to get out of jail free cards, but you do get to pass go, and you do collect money for walking around the block.) Women who do not want to take birth control don’t have to. No one is pushing birth control–or abortion–on any woman. That’s their choice. Catholics aren’t into gender equality. Unfortunately for them, President Obama encourages it.

Covering each woman’s reproductive health is not restrictive. It is not going to force a devout Catholic woman to start downing a birth control pill with breakfast. It will allow Catholics who believe in using birth control (the majority in America do), to have the same health care rights as women of other religions. It’s also going to let non-Catholics who attend Catholic colleges and work in Catholic businesses (most places don’t get to completely discriminate based on religion).

Is it really so much more expensive to buy health insurance coverage that includes birth control options? Pregnancy is much more expensive, and that’s before the baby is born.