Huntsman Is Out, Supports Romney

Jon Huntsman ended his race for the Republican nomination, and thrown his support behind Mitt Romney. This is disappointing, as Huntsman is the only one who put his country before his candidacy. I never thought he’d win, but I hoped he might be a moderating factor in the race.

Here are the current serious/semi-serious Republicans still in the race:

  • A multi-millionaire Capitalist, who sees Americans not as his employers, but as his employees. If he doesn’t think he’s getting good service, our country may become less populous.
  • A wannabe Theocrat who lost his Pennsylvania Senate seat by the largest margin in American history, and has since moved so far to the right he’s in danger of falling off the edge of the flat earth.
  • Two Narcissists: A former Speaker of the House, fined $300K for ethics violations and forced out of Congress. The other a Texas governor who believes God gifted him with stupidity and sharing it is God’s will.
  • Last, but not least, a Libertarian whose place in the Republican primary is, was, and forever will be. (Brought to you by the Energizer Bunny.)

I know there are other Republican candidates. These five are all I can handle.