Why Am I Smoking Your Cigarette

Here’s a heads-up for all of you car-smokers who let it all hang out:

  • I don’t smoke.
  • I have asthma.
  • My biggest asthma triggers are cigarette smoke and cold air.
  • In my car, I avoid cold air by using the heater.
  • The vents in my car suck in your cigarette smoke.

Do you see the progression here?

You probably don’t realize you’re causing as asthma attack in the car behind you, just like I don’t realize you’re smoking until I smell it in my car. By that point, I’m already smoking your cigarette.

I believe in individual freedoms:You have the right to light up; I have the right not to.

It’s enough for me that smoking is prohibited in public buildings and most private businesses; the smokers outside tend to stay downwind. You, on the other hand blow your smoke in my face. You make me think of stronger legislation. 

P.S.  Try nicotine gum. My husband has used it for years.


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