Perry Believes Arizona and Alabama are Sovereign States

In a National Journal article focusing on Rick Perry’s defense of Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s violation of civil rights, I found something I wasn’t looking for. Part of Perry’s future foreign policy plan.

Perry: “… when I’m the president of the United States, you’re not going to see me going after states like Arizona or Alabama, suing sovereign states for making decisions.” [Emphasis mine.]

Rick Perry has no idea he is talking about foreign policy; he’s just spouting the conservative opinion that the federal government is destroying states’ rights; an opinion can’t be right or wrong.

But this statement contains a fact, and Rick Perry is wrong.

Arizona and Alabama aren’t sovereign states. None of the states in the U.S.A. are “sovereign states”. They are each a portion of the United States of America–which is a sovereign state.  If Perry was correct, and each state was sovereign, he wouldn’t be running for president–he’d be the president. Of Texas.

Perry Defends Arizona Sheriff Accused of Civil-Rights Violations – Rebecca Kaplan –

[Mistake: I incorrectly identified the National Journal as the National Review. This has been corrected. My apologies.]


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