Herman Cain Didn’t Tell His Wife

Gloria Cain. With all the scandals, it’s easy to forget her name, or even know who she is. Gloria Can is Herman Cain’s wife. And they don’t seem to talk much.

During a series of interviews with Wolf Blitzer, Cain told Blitzer Ginger White would be on FOX 5 the next day. And that she would be saying they’d had an on-again, off-again affair for 13 years.

The next day, after Gloria watched the FOX interview, she had to call him.  I hope she gave him hell, but I somehow doubt she did.

Cain wanted to tell the public these allegations would all be lies. (Sounds familiar.)

He wanted to make sure the public knew.

As for his wife, not so much. Why didn’t Gloria deserve an advance warning, as well?

Can any Cain defender explain the lack of a phone call away? I mean, the man knows the number, even if he’s only used it to relay yet another version of “sorry, Honey, I have to work late again”.

Cain believes the voting public is more important than his wife. This isn’t a surprise, but it is damning evidence. Of the public kind.