Republican Wants Government Interference in Businesses

A “business knows best (i.e., Republican)” member of the House of Representatives has introduced a bill that would “require that all Federal agencies, contractors, and government-sponsored enterprises use the words ‘mother’ and ‘father’ when describing [any person’s] parents in all official documents and forms.”
Despite the Republican “leave business alone” platform, Rep. Randy Forbes [R-VA4], believes using “Parent 1” and “Parent 2” should disqualify any company from doing business with the government. Instead, these employers must use certain words to find out which employees, and applicants, have same-sex parents.
I don’t know if Forbes realizes that the federal government deals with businesses that aren’t anti-gay, but surely he realizes that an employee’s parents won’t do their job for them. (Surely…right?)
I can only see two reasons for this bill:
1) Companies that do discriminate would have another way to do so–although I expect those companies already use mother and father on their forms.
2) The government would be able to search out employees with same-sex parents. Of course, they would never use this information against an employee or their parents…right?
The only plus to this bill is that it has no co-sponsors.

One thought on “Republican Wants Government Interference in Businesses

  1. What a strange bill, at least like you said it has no co-sponsors. As an independent, it is frustrating when the Republican rhetoric for less government intervention is belied by bills like these, both parties seem to want intervention when it suits them

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