Does the Budget Deal Hinge On the Planned Parenthood Rider?

From HuffPost’s Elise Foley

Majority Leader Reid told reporters on Friday the deal hinges on a rider to defund Planned Parenthood after leadership agreed to $38 billion in cuts late Thursday night.

“The moving target is focused on women in America.”

This is insane. Is it worse to have a government shutdown, or to fund family planning services? For the Republicans, this is a no-brainer (and I do mean a NO-BRAINer): Kill those pap smears, end contraception, stop the mammograms! The scourge that is planning a family must be stopped. Ending abortion isn’t enough, anymore—it’s time to drag women back to the stone age.

And if you won’t deny hundreds of thousands of women access to quality healthcare, we’ll deny every American a functional government. Kill Planned Parenthood, or the elephants will do their best to sit their fat asses on the whole damn thing.

Reid said now compromise will be up to the House GOP. “We are not bending on women’s health,” he said.

Thank you, Senator!

There is no financial gain to be had by cutting funding for these services.

“So, self-proclaimed “fiscal conservatives” are trying to de-fund a program that saves taxpayers money. A dollar spent on family planning for low-income Americans saves $4.02  on health care for pregnant women and infants, according to an analysis by the Guttmacher Institute. That’s not even counting the money saved through STD prevention, for example, or the early detection of cervical cancer.

House Republicans are willing to see the abortion rate skyrocket in a pathetic attempt to punish poor people for having sex. To add insult to injury, they are asking U.S. taxpayers to subsidize their crusade by spending at least four times as much on the costs of unplanned pregnancy as we would have on contraception and preventive care. Worst of all, they are indifferent to the health, hopes, and dreams of the 5 million Americans.” [Emphasis added.]

For those of you who believe the Dems are shortchanging the troops, read this.