Sarah Palin is Jesus Christ?

I’m confused, and if anyone can help me figure this out, I’d appreciate it. It’s just a comment on Representative Keith Ellison’s statement that Palin should have admitted to having used overblown rhetoric. The idea of Sarah Palin not being perfect—and a Muslim pointing it out—infuriates this group, but “she will be raised up”?

Is Sarah Palin now Jesus in disguise? Wow…that’s the best damn disguise I’ve ever seen. Too bad this guy really IS an ignorant wingnut.

debrobeaudean says:

January 14, 2011 at 7:47 am

when talking about the peace plan between Israel and Palestine, Obama actually said “7 years”.. now they are claiming “miracles” in this congress womans’ healingIf Sarah is shot.. she will be raised up….their fear of this woman shows me who she might be..
these are the times… it is amazing that they actually say the words written so many years ago in prophesy of the end times…
there is no excuse for anyone in America, anyone free to practice any religion they choose, to not see that God and his word is coming true right now.
God is peace, God is love.. why would anyone turn against him?

I thought it was good to use the word “miracle”. Congresswoman Giffords’ healing is beyond any expectations.

As for Obama actually saying—GASP—“7 years”…that is important? Really?

the new world order that Soros and even the Bushes worked on is going to be the kingdom of satan on Earth…
if you need to, watch the shows made before Obama was even thought about , called Left Behind….
God is warning us, he does not want us to be fooled by the deceitful one.

Yeah, go watch those shows—the ones made before Obama was even thought of. (Does anyone else only use that term to refer to actions that were nine months plus your age from now?) I wonder if this dude knows that the shows were all based on the series of novels. He can’t write, and they are good-size books, so my guess is not.

Sarah Palin equals Jesus and the return of the kingdom? Ugh.

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