The bullet hits the target, and the tragedy begins

This is what the Conservatives swore wouldn’t happen. Sarah-PAC–run by Sarah Palin, she of the “don’t retreat, reload” response– represented the vulnerable districts under a target and cross-hairs. That was in March of 2010. You can see a picture of it here. You can’t see a picture of it here: not anymore.

What is this? Well, if you’re just lifting your head out from under your pillow from a long winter’s nap, I’ll give you a pass. Pull up a chair, Santa, and grab some coffee. Once more, life as we know it has ceased to exist. 9/11 was more of a slap in the face. This is just putting up with the neighborhood nuts, over and over, not believing they’d go that far…after all, this IS America.

You see, Santa, a Democratic Congresswoman, an Arizona member of the House of the Representatives, is fighting for her life. According the the doctor, the bullet going “through and through” is better than other ways it could go.

A federal judge was shot and killed. A nine-year-old kid was shot and killed. As far as we currently know, four others are also dead. 12 to 18 are wounded. Most are critical.

Keep an eye on the Huffington Post. They’re updating live and have links to more info coming  in all the time.


4 thoughts on “The bullet hits the target, and the tragedy begins

  1. The idea of Sarah Palin programming a man to murder a Congresswoman is more than a stretch–it’s completely unbelievable. It’s not the argument I made, nor did I imply any type of brainwashing. I don’t think Palin has the intellect or patience for “programming a killer”. I think the killer has a mental illness of some sort, and that would make programming him more difficult, not less.

    But programming someone was nowhere in my post.

  2. “the conservatives swore” to whom? Why did conservatives need to solenmly pledge that we would sin no more? That is utter nonsense. When conservatives are quoted or interviewed, there were no pledges or questions to promise unconditional safety from lunatics. In a world with volunteers to have explosives in their shoe, underwear, or park a bomb in manhattan, who can account for the martyrs and murderers? Of course, the presumption is that Sarah Palin has programmed this killer to take out a liberal by murder. It seems just a little bit of a stretch. Nice try, anyway.

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