Nigeria Drops Bribery Charges Against Cheney: Halliburton pays $250M Bribe

Nigeria’s government has reportedly dropped bribery charges against former Vice President Dick Cheney and Halliburton, the energy firm he once headed, after the company agreed to pay a hefty settlement.

“Hefty settlement”, huh? [cough, cough] Bribe!

…the country’s government accepted a $250 million offer by Halliburton — an offer made within days of Nigeria filing a lawsuit against Cheney and Halliburton ….

“$250 million offer”?  [cough, cough] Bribe!

The charges stem from a case involving as much as $180 million allegedly paid in bribes to Nigerian officials.

Ante up, boys! That’s $180 million, plus an extra $70 million for the people who didn’t get theirs.

Bribery is alive and well, heart surgery and all.

Nigeria Drops Bribery Charges Against Cheney, Halliburton After $250M Deal Struck –