How much does Palin hate Murkowski? Enough to give Miller an attorney.

I was reading about the count of write-in votes in Alaska. You know, the ones that Joe Miller desperately wants to not have counted. Everyone knew there would be legal teams for each candidate, and the article referenced John Tiemessen, “a Miller attorney”. It also reference John Tracy, a “spokesman for Murkowski” and states that attorney Ben Ginsburg was observing for Murkowski. (I’m not certain if that’s because she hired him, or because he observed the 2000 Bush-Cheney recount and felt like it, but I’d assume the former.)

Then another Miller attorney’s name caught my eye:

The count began as planned in spite of a lawsuit filed Tuesday by Miller, seeking to prevent the state from using discretion in determining voter intent on individual ballots. Miller’s attorney, Thomas Van Flein, said he wants to ensure a fair count.


Thomas Van Flein set off a bell in my head, and a quick search verified my memory: In 2008, Van Flein was then-Governor, then-VP candidate, Sarah Palin’s “new attorney”.

Palin hates Lisa Murkowski. She also hates the idea of another Sarah-approved candidate losing a Senate race. (Especially when she thought, in 2005, that seat was going to go to her.) We have heard all of the school yard bully stories—Todd and Sarah never forget, and they never forgive, they only reload. Evidently the spat over Miller’s refusal to endorse Palin for president is—at least for now—less important than Sarah losing face and Murkowski retaining power. And, of course, if Van Flein manages to eke out a legal victory for Palin’s boy, there will be some favors owed, and, she hopes, some mea culpas from the “Republican establishment”. who quit worshipping her too long ago.


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