The Obama Birth Certificate Stupidity Never Ends

Foolishly, I thought the radicals had moved on, but I was wrong. Yet another blog is screaming about the Obama/Soetero issue. This is from the blog Citizen Wells. Specifically, it’s Citizen Wells reposting from Globe Magazine, paragon of journalistic virtue, which “Pays BIG BUCKS!”.

Citizen Wells and millions of concerned Americans

From Globe Magazine.

“Obama Birth Certificate Bombshell!

Investigative teams acting on orders of newly elected Congressmen are fanning out around the world to uncover the truth about President Barack Obama’s birthplace, political insiders tell GLOBE in a blockbuster world exclusive! Find out how Obama’s political enemies are leaving no stone unturned to expose his Hawaiian birth certificate as a fake and prove he was REALLY born in Kenya. It’s must reading for every American!” [Emphasis mine.]

I’m an American, and I can do without reading it. I can tell from the teaser what it is about, though. People who just got elected to serve their constituencies somehow have the money and clout to prove Barack Obama wasn’t born where his legal birth certificate OR the birth announcements say he was. And whoever told the magazine this just got a little more traveling money.

Still, the blog/article brings to mind a few of the more mind-boggling thoughts that this nonsense always brings up. Since you’re reading this any way, I’ll share.

  • The Obama/Soetero issue. Has anyone who thinks this IS an issue been part of, or close to, divorced parents or their children? Blended families? I have to think not. Examples:
  • I had a friend in high school who went by her stepdad’s last name. All her sisters did, too. The stepdad was well-known in the community; her father was uninvolved and lived half a continent away. She introduced herself that way, and no one ever thought she was trying to put something over on her classmates or anyone else.
  • I have a daughter who uses two names: her given/legal name and her pseudonym (writer’s name–she’ll legally change it legally). Her “older” family (parents and up), are the only ones who call her by her “real” name. She uses her legal name on work papers, but introduces herself by her “fake” name. No issues there, either.
  • I never called my sister by her given name: when I started talking, I couldn’t pronounce it, and what I said became the name our family called her.
  • I call all my kids by nicknames, and plan to do the same with my grandkids. I wouldn’t have called my grandson Barack, either; I’d have called him Barry. When he was little, I’d probably have called him something embarrassing, like Barry-Bug.
  • I answer to two last names, because I have kids from two marriages. I do not consider myself an imposter when I answer “yes” to “Is this Mrs. _____?” I’m no longer Mrs. ____, but I am the person they want to speak to. If my real name comes up later, I’ve never gotten the impression they consider me a liar.

And the birth certificate?

  • Barack Obama had a massive security check done before he became the president. Vote or not, they don’t just hand you the codes to everything.
  • And, finally, does anyone with a functioning IQ believe that, if he wanted to, the President of the United States of America couldn’t produce an impeccably forged long form birth certificate?

Don’t answer that. Obviously, we have plenty of low-IQ Americans who think they can bring down the president elected by a huge majority.