Is Michele Bachmann slamming her minions?

Michele Bachmann wants to be the GOP chairman in Congress. That’s no surprise, but the real reason might be.

According to Bachmann, she wants all parts of the Republican party to be represented. The Tea Partiers are TPINO Republicans (Tea Party In Name Only), so it makes sense Bachmann, a Republican so far right she sits two aisles over, would be their voice. Plus, she’s prettier than Jim DeMint.

Why do these tea partiers need Michelle, when they have a few of their own in the House now? Seniority is the easy answer (establishment is bad, until it’s good). But it turns out the tea party might not be doing anything but drinking tea and napping after crumpets.

We’ve all heard The Tea Party is a grassroots movement taking the political establishment by storm. Most of us know that’s BS, but that’s their story, and they’re sticking to it. However, since November 2nd, the group has changed dramatically. And, instead of being for smaller government, which I was certain was the core message, another Tea Party celebrity (see Sarah Palin) has come out with the truth:

“The Tea Party is really made up of people who oppose the Obama, Reid, Pelosi election”…

Umm…huh? What happened to smaller government? Do you mean the liberals were right when they said this was about the tea partiers hating President Obama? Maybe, because instead of being “mad as hell” and “standing up to the government”, tea partiers are now apolitical.

Bachmann, again:  “…and many of them are apolitical and independent.

Apolitical. Apolitical? Does Bachmann know what that means? In case you don’t, here are two definitions of the adjective:

Having no interest in politics.” AND/ORHaving no political relevance or function.”

There you have it, straight from Michele Bachmann herself. Tea Partiers, far from being the future and the past of the new, more conservative Republican party, are uninterested and irrelevant pieces of political furniture which only come out when the person who bought it for you is coming over (like Election Day). As soon as they leave the premises (or the polling booth), it’s quickly relegated to the attic, to rejoin the other non-functional pieces.

Did Bachmann mean to be quite so honest?


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