Sarah Palin Tells the Truth

Really. I’m not making this up. Sarah Palin has broken with her trademark dishonesty, and, after gettin’ good’n’riled up, the truth just kinda…slipped out.

Palin continued with a degree of animus that has underscored her recent and ongoing feud with establishment Republicans. [Emphasis mine.]

Sarah, if you’re reading this, “degree of animus” means that you “went grizzly”. K?

“Anyone in the GOP who thinks they can cut a little deal here, there with Obama or Pelosi, to maybe raise taxes — tax here, or — they’re going to find themselves without a job in 2012. …we put you in, we can take you out, and that’s the other message of this election” . [Emphasis mine.]

The bolded area is bolded not only for importance, but also to give a sign that you’ll not be forced to wander in Palin-speak forever. So what is the first other message? Read on.

“We the people, we’re gonna be in control and we’re not sheep and they can’t railroad us anymore, and, you know, we are their bosses. And the GOP has to understand that — the machine has to understand that — we’re not sending Republicans, commonsense conservatives, to Washington to sing Kumbaya with Obama, we’re sending them to stop Obama.” [Emphasis mine.]

Got that? This election was about sending the bosses to DC, to stop that anti-American boy in the White House. (I don’t believe Palin meant that in any more racist way than she means anything else. I think she’d jerk a white boy’s chain, too, and that Joe Miller’s being quiet because he’s in the Palin’s basement, wearing a giant dog collar.

  • This is not about smaller government, except to the knee-jerk movement that believe “Obama = big government”.
  • This is not about the economy, except to the knee-jerk movement that believe “Obama = bad for economy”.
  • The election was not even about taxes, except to the knee-jerk movement that believe “Obama = higher taxes”.
  • The election was about getting that half-white, fake-American, white-hater out of office.

Just one more reason to be grateful this witch didn’t make it to the Oval Office. (Even when my faith in my nation is stretched t-h-i-s thin, I don’t believe that—now—we’d put this woman in office.) The United States of America is a nation. A nation based on a government. A government run by politicians. Politicians who have to, for the good of the individual and the nation, work together and compromise.

And if President Obama can’t accomplish anything after the Republicans sang to high heaven that Americans put them back in the driver’s seat…well, the people are going to have a harder time swallowing that pill the second time around.

You can fool some of the people some of the time, and Sarah Palin all of the time, but by 2012, people will be paying even more attention. And if we haven’t progressed to outright riots and lynch mobs, America will still have a chance.

No thanks to Palin.

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