NARAL Pro-Choice Voter Guide: Can you vote your morals?

If you are committed to women having the legal right to get an abortion (and a realistic shot of finding a doctor she can afford and travel to), you probably include the right to choice in your measure of politicians. Even in long-shot races, I expect to have the right to vote for a candidate who supports the right to Roe vs Wade. That’s not always possible.

NARAL is sending out emails, helping people to find out which candidates in their area are pro-choice. Nebraska, which includes one of the few abortion clinics left in the country, has no pro-choice candidates for federal office. Not one. Evidently being a Democrat doesn’t mean you support women’s rights.

Nebraska has no pro-choice candidates. And it’s not alone.


I checked the map for other states lacking choices. Wyoming lists one candidate as “unknown” and the other is anti-choice. How can you run for Congress without stating your views on Roe vs Wade? Oklahoma is also without a pro-choice candidate, just a mixture of “unknown” and “anti” candidates. North Dakota is in the same situation, except with their anti-choice and unknown they also have a mixed-choice candidate: in North Dakota, Earl Pomeroy is an incumbent who voted for the Stupak amendment. of three Senate candidates unknown and the other anti-choice. In West Virginia, voters in District 2 can choose between the unknown or the mixed choice candidates; voters of the other two districts (and for the Senate) are stuck with nothing but anti-choice candidates.

Kansas, where abortion provider George Tiller was gunned down at church last year, does have some pro-choice candidates.

This list only points out if a state has no pro-choice candidates listed at all. Unfortunately, in many of these states, the number of pro-choice candidates is one or two, and it looks like at least half of the districts are asking voters to vote for an anti-choice candidate, whatever party they are. Continue reading to see the NARAL election page for Nebraska.

This candidate has been endorsed by NARAL Pro-Choice America PAC.

U.S. Senate

There is no U.S. Senate race in Nebraska in 2010.

House of Representatives

District 01

Ivy Harper (D) is anti-choice.
Rep. Jeff Fortenberry (R) is anti-choice.
Learn more >>

District 02

State Sen. Tom White (D) is anti-choice.
Rep. Lee Terry (R) is anti-choice.
Learn more >>

District 03

Rebeckah Davis (D) is anti-choice.
Rep. Adrian Smith (R) is anti-choice.
Learn more >>


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