Government Doesn’t Suck March Argues Against Gov’t Stereotypes

Stever Ressler is keenly aware of all the stereotypes about government workers, and he’s doing something about it. Marching against government has become the norm, but this year Ressler is fighting back, by organizing a march against the “government sucks” mob mentality.

News Flash:  Hating “the government” is un-American. The Founding Fathers? They created a government. The United States of America? Government. You couldn’t claim to be an American if the government wasn’t here to make you one.

Those military heroes? Government employees.

The home you own? Government approved.

The air you pull into your lungs before you spout your anti-government rhetoric? Government regulated.

If you want to get rid of the government, you have to get rid of the country. And if you get rid of this country, you have to create another…government.

Many critics may not even realize they’re bashing these people. But when politicians preach about slashing “wasteful government,” they’re implicating millions of government workers in the waste. And when angry activists shout about “taking back our government,” it is in fact from an army of apolitical fellow citizens, not a monolith of party power, that they would take it.


Unless you’re an anarchist, you are pro-government. Get over it.