Dan Maes Disaster Could Leave Colorado GOP A Minor Party

Dan Maes Disaster Could Leave The Colorado GOP A Minor Party | TPMDC.

Colorado Republican gubernatorial nominee Dan Maes’ disaster of a 2010 campaign could turn into a four-year embarrassment for state Republicans. … if Maes fails to get 10 percent of the vote on election day, his legacy … will be leaving Republicans with minor party status in Colorado until 2014.

… [T]he TPM Poll Average now shows Maes coming in at 9.3%.

What struck me the most from this story was this quote:

Still, state GOP Chairman Dick Wadhams told the AP that things would be fine. “[H]e believes the state Legislature will change the law to avoid the embarrassment of treating Democrats differently than Republicans, especially with a presidential election.”

He believes Colorado’s state legislature will change the law?? Change. The. Law.

I can’t imagine the outcry Republicans would be making over this statement, had it come from a Democrat. I can’t understand why this isn’t front page news. No big deal…avoid embarrassment…change the law.

It’s okay. They’ll change the law. The Dems, by the way, didn’t get the memo:

“…state Senate President Brandon Shaffer told the AP that if Democrats keep their majority, they won’t be going out of their way to help Republicans.

“I don’t have a lot of sympathy for Dick Wadhams,” Shaffer said. “It’s his job to recruit good candidates for the Republican Party and he failed.”

Failed, indeed. It not only looks like minor party status for the GOP, but major party status for the American Constitution Party. Ever wonder how different parties came into existence, and winked out of existence, early in America’s history? Now we know.

But don’t worry. According to Dick Wadhams, laws are flexible.