Joe Miller praises the East Germans

Joe Miller, the Alaskan RINO* running for Senate, not only supports building a wall to keep out illegal immigrants, he has a mentor!

On Sunday, Joe Miller, candidate for US Senate, held a town hall meeting at a middle school in Anchorage. When asked about illegal immigration, Miller offered up: Build a wall! “If the East Germans could do it, so can we!” [Emphasis added.]

And think of all the great things we could do if we emulated the Nazis! Hitler knew how to get things done–no one would complain if Hitler had a reporter handcuffed and arrested for daring to question him. (No one daring to question him: Joe Miller’s fantasy.) * I know conservatives use “RINO” to dismiss Republicans who they consider too liberal. However, if you are going to run as a “Tea Party conservative” on the Republican ticket and with Republican funding, you are also a Republican In Name Only. The difference is that you don’t want to be more liberal, you want to come out as a wad of TP. Dream big.