FOX Does Not Cover Obama’s Health Care Victory–what they covered

According to FOX NEWS, the President has signed the health bill into law, despite divided opinions of Americans, and will start a tour of America next week in order to minimize the politicial fallout.

At least, that’s what the ticker says. Obama didn’t rate an actual story. Neither did health care. FOX ran a big story “Acorn offices to shut down for lack of funding, complete with interview of a guy who states it’s a lie/conspiracy. He gave a long list of businesses that are really ACORN in disguise. You know, like Blackwater.

Once again, O’Keefe and Giles, the liars and defendendants in more than one lawsuit, were mentioned. FOX saw fit to add the bs video that indicates O’Keefe was dressed like a pimp. No sound was available. The fact that Congress’s decision to stop funding ACORN was knocked down within weeks. (No reason, Republicans–so sorry.)

The DOJ is releasing a 9/11 organizer, and it’s Obama’s fault. The decision was made in the mid-0’s. A military tribunal was happening, a military leader said that all the intel was tainted by torture, and this guy sat on his ass another 6 years.

SEE????? It’s all Obama’s fault!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!