Congressman calls Stupak Baby Killer

At first, it seemed like a Tea Partier had joined in the expletive fun, perhaps inspired by a buddy calling a Congressman a “n—-” (the “n word”, duh). Then, just as Pat Buchanan, being interviewed by MSNBC, said that we shouldn’t consider all tea partiers bad just because 2 or 3 of them–.


Andrea Mitchell announced the breaking news:

A Congressman, Representative Neugebauer (R-TX) is the one who shouted “Baby Killer” as Congressman Bart Stupak walked up to cast his vote.

Kudos to the radical rep for speaking up (although I’m certain someone heard him and he had to own up or hit the tabloids). Bullshit, however, is called on his explanation: He was calling the BILL a “baby killer”, and it was merely a coincidence that Bart Stupak, a pro-life Democrat who changed his no vote to a yes, was walking by. (Note: The bill would have passed without Stupak’s vote, which is not necessary to keep federal funds from paying for abortions.)

It remains to be seen if Neugebauer will get the same cheers as Joe Wilson did, however, his website is currently overrun with traffic and can’t be accessed. Hopefully the majority are as appalled as I am, but…this is America. (Andy Wilson is Neugebauer’s Democratic challenger. If you want to donate to his campaign, click here. Caveat: I am clueless about Mr. Wilson’s platform; make your own call.)