Buchanan declares Tea Partiers Communists

Pat Buchanan has declared the Tea Partiers Commies…but he doesn’t mean it in a bad way. Musing over history, Buchanan seems to admire the way the “Red Army” made killing your own a good thing.

What is this about? Taxes, of course. According to Buchanan, President Obama is going to run into a brick wall on the issue this election year.

Republicans are not going to give him a single vote for a tax increase. Not only would this violate a commitment most made to the people who elected them, it would be politically suicidal. For behind the GOP today, and its best hope of recapturing Congress in 2010, are the Tea Party irregulars.

And Tea Partiers now play the role of Red Army commissars who sat at machine guns behind their own troops to shoot down any soldier who retreated or ran. Republicans who sign on to tax hikes cannot go home again.

Buchanan gives a politician’s “commitment” to voters the proper weight, which is calculated like this: Calories Expended per minute times the number of active campaign minutes used to swear to vote no on every tax increase (compare it to the weight of plastic wrap covering a cup of tea)–commitments are lightweights. A vow is nothing compared to the hefty weights worn–not always unwillingly–to placate the Tea Party, which supposedly will help them achieve their goal: Reelection.

However, they have to be on their guard, because their political life is in jeopardy if the Tea Party sees them–or thinks they see seem, or expects them to, or hears someone else saw them–vote for anything that could raise their tax bill. Or vote for something that will raise their neighbors tax bill. Or raise Bill Gates’ tax bill. Or corporations’ tax bills. Especially if those votes will make sure the little girl dying of leukemia next door doesn’t lose her health insurance and gets a fighting chance at living to adulthood.

Alan Simpson says it better than I could:

Ex-Sen. Alan Simpson, a Republican and co-chair of Obama’s National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility, has challenged the patriotism of conservatives who plant their feet in concrete.

“There isn’t a single sitting member of Congress – not one – that doesn’t know exactly where we’re headed. … And to use the politics of fear and hate and division on each other – we’re at a point right now where it doesn’t make a damn whether you’re a Democrat or a Republican, if you’ve forgotten you’re an American. [Emphasis added.]

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