Man with weapons, map of military base arrested –

During the struggle, officers noticed that Woodson was wearing a bulletproof vest and carrying an assault rifle in his coat.

Officers searched Woodson’s hotel room and found another assault rifle, a grenade launcher, a police scanner, another bulletproof vest, a map of a U.S. military base, hundreds of rounds of ammunition and a Middle Eastern-style headdress, the statement said.

I’m glad they caught him before anyone got hurt, and I’m very interested in seeing what this turns up. I see this as someone planning to go on a massive killing spree and pin it on an Arab terrorist. (Because all Muslim terrorists wear distinctively Middle Eastern clothing when they attack on foreign soil.) If he actually wore this stuff, he’d have been wearing it. Instead, he decided to wear a military-style coat over his assault rifle. In a convenience store. Did he want to get some quick cash for his getaway?

Evidently he was planning to get away, leaving only a false description to go on.

But why? Possibilities:

  • Maybe he wants the government to ratchet the wars up a bit?
  • Maybe he lost someone to a real Arab terrorist? (And lost it, and bought tons of weapons, and decided to kill other military members/government employees. Umm…not.)
  • Or maybe someone hired him to put pressure on the DOD? Because that’s an awful lost of expensive weaponry for a man stupid enough to do this. I mean, really–an assault weapon in a convenience store? The headdress? No Koran?

Curious, though, as to who the other bulletproof vest was for, if anyone. I’m very interested in seeing what else comes out about this crime, and seeing if the media follows or squashes it. I’m thinking they might. The feds aren’t going to treat it as a foiled terrorist attack? Planning to attack a military base is a federal crime. If Woodson isn’t an Arab terrorist, but intended to pin it on fanatical Muslims, that’s still terrorism. Terrorism does include an attempt to force policy change by force and subterfuge.


Man with weapons, map of military base arrested –


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