Sarah Palin’s Visor Flap

Mrs. Sarah Palin evidently left Hawaii in a hurry, not because the Asian people made her uncomfortable, but because of the uproar caused by her visor. Palin used a black marker to scribble over “McCain for President” on an old campaign visor and wore it to the beach.

According to Palin, she wanted to go “incognito“. Bull. Sarah has never wanted to go incognito–and probably didn’t know the word itself until Meg Stapleton used it in a sentence. Incognito, like intellect, goes against the Palin grain.

Let’s examine this even more critically: Is there anyone out there who believes she didn’t have another hat available? The woman loves her clothing only slightly less than she loves the limelight.)

She didn’t use that Sharpie to go undercover, she used it because she wasn’t getting enough media-attention. (Evidently FOX News didn’t send a dedicated reporter along.)

It worked like a charm. Sarah is back in the press, playing her favorite role: Victim. Those mean media bullies–they ruined her Christmas vacation!

The liberals have some brainless Palin gossip to chew on, and the Palin-ites can rally to sweet Sarah’s defense.

What about the man who should be asking why, out of all those clothes, his ex-running mate couldn’t find another head covering? Surprise-me-not, McCain continued allowing Palin to emasculate him (Come on, Senator–hasn’t she sent your balls back yet?), by claiming the hysteria from the left proves the maneater is still a political force to be reckoned with. (Wrong again, John. If headlines made you a serious political candidate, we’d have had a Senator Anna Nicole Smith, Representative Tiger Woods, and probably a Supreme Court Justice Jerry Springer.)


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