Boortz calls people on welfare Slaves

Neal Boortz has deemed all people who receive welfare “slaves”. Only they have it easier than slaves did. “They don’t have to pick cotton” or “cook the master’s dinner”…”they just have to vote”.

Boortz is really ticked off about people who apply for welfare being given a voter’s registration form. It’s bad enough, I guess, that they provide these at the DMV. But registering people on welfare to vote? Now that’s really going too far. So far, in fact, it is slavery.

Boortz didn’t go so far as to call them slaves to the Democrat’s–although I don’t know why he wasn’t willing to cross that line–which leaves me wondering: What does Neal Boortz have against voting? Or is it just poor people who shouldn’t be voting? Maybe he doesn’t want policy decided by slaves. I’m curious, Neal…do you think people on welfare should count as a full voter, or maybe just 3/5 of a voter?