In Texas, then-governor George Bush approved REAL death panels in 1999

What really gives me chills is Dr. Fine’s "it does so many neat things". [brrr…] How about you keep the useful parts–advance medical directives and honoring living wills–and remove the part where you pull the plug despite the family’s wishes?

While critics call the Texas law extreme and restrictive, doctors and hospitals describe it as useful and unique. Among other things, doctors say, the law enacted in 1999 when George W. Bush was governor addresses the details of advance medical directives and holds medical officials accountable for honoring patients’ living wills.

"We knew it was a groundbreaking statute. It does so many neat things for patient care," said Dr. Robert Fine of Dallas, who favors the existing system and testified against Hughes’ bill. He represented the Texas Medical Association and Baylor Health Care System.

The provision that gives a terminally ill patient’s family two days’ notice before a hospital ethics committee meets then 10 days before the termination of treatment, unless a court intervenes, is rarely used, hospitals say. [emphasis added]

What on earth is wrong with people? Doctors are supposed to "do no harm". Dealing with a family that’s hurting is part of their job.

And you know an "ethics committee" would be a deathly phrase if Obama used it.

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