Reuters blog: Thinly veiled play on racial fears?

06:47 September 10th, 2009

Reuters has a blog entry that, in my opinion, was created to provide some fodder to the Rabid Right.

Start with the sensational headline, Obama loves nurses, but his wife the lawyer understands (as opposed to the professional "Obama gets positive reception from nursing group").

From this, we know that Obama loves nurses, his wife is a lawyer, and she understands how he feels about nurses. The story is about Obama speaking to a group of nurses, some of whom shouted, "we love you!"

Reuters included a photo of Obama hugging a nurse. They also included a photo from "So You Think You Can Dance" (obligatorily stating that Michelle likes the show) of a bare-chested black male dancer standing with his hand on the hair of a blonde, white woman in what appears to be a pair of sexy, tiny pajamas, looking small and innocent, not smiling, her hands held up in supplication…