The NRCC Wants YOU: Enlist in the Republican Army

I thought the Democrats were supposed to be the indoctrination party. Looks like the Republican Party is actually building an army: Call to Arms.

Earning a Republican majority requires a strong volunteer coalition, able to quickly engage and support challenger and open seat candidates. Headed by Congressman Jason Chaffetz (UT-03) the NRCC Call to Arms (CTA) program allows local volunteers from the Washington, DC metropolitan area to participate in the upcoming election cycle.

Join the National Republican Congressional Committee’s Call to Arms. If that appeal to your 2nd amendment right doesn’t sway you, maybe you’ll get turned on by the military rank. Your comrades need you! Don’t you want to recruit your fellow Republicans and become a high-ranking member? Be all you can be–the top-ranking "Gunny" (Marine Corps slang for Gunnery Sergeant) in the Republican Army!

As a CTA member, volunteers are offered a variety of ways to engage in Congressional races and qualify for opportunities and rewards in recognition of their hard work. Voter identification, volunteer phone banks and calls to low level donors are just a few ways you can be active with campaigns throughout the election cycle. CTA is structured in ranks which reflect and reward each volunteers effort. There are three attainable ranks; Corporal, Sergeant and Gunny.

  • Corporal – Individuals who pledge 20 hours of volunteer work qualify as Corporals. The NRCC will provide Corporals with updates on key races and opportunities to meet candidates and other Republican officials.
  • Sergeant – The subsequent CTA rank is Sergeant. CTA members are eligible for Sergeant once they have completed 20 hours of volunteer work and recruited five new CTA members. Sergeants receive invites to exclusive events in addition to the Corporals rewards.
  • Gunny – The highest attainable rank is Gunny. Gunnys have completed 50 hours of volunteer work and recruited 10 new CTA members. In addition to the Corporals and Sergeants rewards, Gunnies receive first consideration for campaign deployment to key races around the nation and special recognition by the NRCC.

Now we know what Joe the Plumber did to get his own campaign bus.

The NRCC is grateful for the support our candidates receive from hard working volunteers throughout our nation. The Call to Arms program is our way of thanking you for your time, energy and support for earning back a Republican Majority.

Do you actually have to join the Republican Army to meet candidates? Or get updates on key races? Wow…Democrats send those out free. No wonder they have trouble with voters under-65.

NRCC – National Republican Congressional Committee