More News Coverage of Afghan War?

Regarding Afghanistan: I’m seeing more news on television and in print over the last couple of weeks. There’s also an increase in rational, civilized debate about whether or not we should/need to be in Afghanistan at all. Obviously, there’s more coverage as we bring more troops to Afghanistan, so I’m comparing this to previous coverage of Iraq, as well.

Is this related to the new administration’s attitude? Compared to Iraq, a fraction of troops have lost their lives in Afghanistan. Under this president, however, the news has taken to covering agreement and dissent. I’m not talking about the pseudo-news, which has been screaming through bullhorns and waving pictures of dead babies. I’m talking about reporting.

While it was criticized by many, the declassifying and release of several detainee interrogation documents by the Obama administration have given Americans–and our allies–a chance to address the subject without fear of being labeled a dissident, with all the lifetime implications. Think Do Not Fly List, just to start.)