What are conservatives afraid of?

I’ve been astounded by the level of hate that comes out of conservative mouths. I know that right-wing radio hosts have a financial interest in beating the drums of war, and that some people are happiest when they’re angry. But not only is there a breathtaking level of hate–I hate my government, I hate my president, I hate everyone from the other party, I hate “them”–it has become completely disconnected from the facts.

Two of the memorable ones: Conservatives–who refuse to call themselves Republicans, because they hate them, too–are telling radio show hosts, and anyone else who listens, and many who don’t, that: 1) they want to keep the government out of my kid’s [public] school; and 2) government health care would be terrible because it would screw up [government-run] Medicare.

I’ve heard a few phrases that seem to have become infused with extreme levels of hatefulness, intended to scare anyone who hears them. These three topics really confuse me, so if you have answers to why these things are so vilified, please tell me. (After the jump.)

“Union thugs”. What is wrong with unions?

“Community organizing” (used in a derogatory way). Do people really think community organizing equates to a populist uprising? If they do, why is that bad? Conservatives are itching for a populist uprising! Is it because the organizing was done in an inner city, predominantly black community?

Socialized medicine. Seriously, do people think that the government can’t run health care? TRICARE–for military members and retirees–is excellent. (Speaking from nearly 40 years of experience, it only improves.) Medicare is so popular that the thought of it getting touched creates havoc. (Republicans hated Medicare and Social Security, by the way. Helping people has never interested them. Helping rich people interests them)

Do people think the government has less concern about its citizens than a for-profit industry? Healthy/unhealthy, we all pay taxes (or have the possibility of doing so). However, the insurance industry wins if sick people die. Especially if they’re forced to cover them.

According to conservatives, the government wants to kill old people, sick people, and babies. Trust me on this–the government wants people alive. Unlike the healthcare industry, they even have a vested interest in keeping them healthy.

Oh, and Michael Steele’s insane RNC argument about denying care to Republicans? Oh. My. God. How out-of-touch can people be? Republicans pay taxes, too. They fight wars. They keep the infrastructure going. It is not in the government’s interest to kill people.

The insurance companies operate as life and death panels.