Can patriots be peaceful?

The National Republican Congressional Committee has a special program dedicated to keeping incumbents in office: The Patriot Program.

Armed in Congress

Armed in Congress

According to the website:

The NRCC “Patriot Program” is the formalized mechanism by which potentially targeted incumbents commit themselves to meet rigorous goals that will strengthen their campaigns to ensure victory. These “Patriots” who work tirelessly to build winning campaigns do so with the full support and participation of the NRCC and the entire House Leadership. (Emphasis added.)

(I don’t know if the House Republicans are required to play dress-up before selling their souls to the NRCC.)

This explains why some House Republicans are spending next to no time working on their jobs–they’re spending all their time on their campaigns.

There are 178 Republicans in the House of Representatives, but only 26 are listed as members of the Patriot Program. Maybe there is still hope for change.