Don Imus wants to bomb Scotland

This morning I was listening to talk radio (don’t judge–it wakes me up and tells me who not to buy from). I tuned in to Don Imus was asking someone (I tuned in too late to get the name) why President Obama didn’t do more to stop Scotland from releasing the Lockerbie bomber. The guest pointed out that Scotland is a sovereign nation, and expressing his viewpoint was all Obama could do. "What do you want him to do?", he asked Imus. "Bomb Scotland?"

Imus:  "Yes."


These are the "conservatives" who claim Obama’s administration is Socialist/Communist/Fascist (depending on the day) because they support Americans getting medical treatment. To them, that’s an unconstitutional interference in our private lives, done for one reason–to control us and/or bankrupt us.

However, if Obama tells another nation what he wants them to do, and their legal system doesn’t do it, he should order a bombing run? That’s what Imus thinks.

Here is more precise wording: Scotland’s infrastructure should be destroyed, Scotland’s buildings should be set on fire, and Scottish people should be murdered (that’s what bombs do, Don). Because their court made a decision that most people (including the Scots) disagree with.

Hey, Don? You are aware that Scotland is part of Great Britain, right? And the UK might not take kindly to us attacking them. Just a thought. It’s not like the U.S. and Israel; it’s unlikely we’d get the same free pass for killing their citizens as we gave Israel for killing ours. And bombing Scotland for something a Libyan did is passe’. It’s like bombing Afghanistan for something a Saudi did.


NOTE: Don Imus is one of the very few radio hosts who was offensive enough to get fired by FOX News. KKAR has seen fit to hire him to insult people in the Omaha, NE market, bless their black-hearted souls. I asked KKAR how it feels about bombing Scotland. I’ll let you when they respond.