Comment on "Lawsuit Filed Against Dearborn Schools and Muslim Principal" – Atlas Shrugs

Wow. I don’t know enough to comment on the lawsuit, but this is amazing. Evidently this commenter was educated after the "leftists" took over, and the plot definitely worked. If you’re going to rail against the educational system, you should learn to spell, type, and use proper grammar and punctuation. While you’re at it, check a historical reference book (keep it with your dictionary, your thesaurus, and "The Little, Brown Essential Guide for Writers").

Posted by: CHOI | Monday, July 27, 2009 at 11:28 PM

It isn’t bad enough that UNEDUCATED LEFTISTS have been taking over teh NON-EDUCATION of our children?? Now, after they have dumbed down the poulation, the muslimes are coming in to enslave us all. I am an Orthodox Jew, and I support the Thomas More Law Center, wth my heart, mind and money. Let us expose the muslim enemy, and cut it down and expose it as the enemy it is. Stop allowing muslims into the USA, just as we did bar Communists and Nazis. Research the muslims, and you will find that they are the successors to the Nazis. Most of the Nazis who escaped the Allies, showed up in the leadership of muslim military, spy and terrorist organizations. One day a Nazi, the next day a muslim terrorist. CHECK OUT for the direct connection between Nazis and muslimes.

Lawsuit Filed Against Dearborn Schools and Muslim Principal – Atlas Shrugs

Did anyone else know that the Nazis turned into Muslims? I thought several of them moved to South America–except the scientists, because several of them found work in the United States.

Seriously, does this guy know: A) Nazis were members of a political party, B) Communism is a type of government, or C) Muslims are people who practice Islam, which is a religion?

What religions does he feel are acceptable for immigrants to practice? What beliefs are immigrants allowed to have?