Is Alaska’s Former Governor Palin Stepping Down or Up?

Stapleton said Palin is still deciding what her future will be.

"I cannot express enough there is no plan after July 26. There is absolutely no plan," she told The Associated Press.

In other words, Palin hasn’t changed at all. No plans, just a super-sized ego with an under-sized brain, blaming every woe on the press and those meanies who expect ethical behavior.

Among those present was Donna Michaels, 57, of Fairbanks, who wore a red T-shirt that said: "Palintologist."

The T-shirt defined a Palintologist as "someone who studies Palin and shares her conservative values, Maverick attitude and American style."

Groan.  You have got to be kidding me. "Maverick attitude"? "American style"? Definitions, please. I assume they’re as off-base as "Palintologist" is.

Michaels also held a poster board sign showing the front page of the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner when Palin announced she would resign. Michaels altered the banner headline "Palin steps down," replacing the last word with "up."

According to Michaels, "[Palin is] really not stepping down. She’s stepping up to do something bigger and better".

In Alaska, you’d think the Governorship would be considered the top of the ladder. I’m picturing Palin on top of the ladder, whining about the press, bragging about moving on… You guessed it–she just walked off the top rung, expecting someone to catch her.


Larry Landry, 51, of Fairbanks held up a red, white and blue sign that that read, "Quitting: the new American value." The other side read: "Thanks for the laughs."

Makes a lot more sense than "stepping up".

Palin Steps Down As Alaska Governor (VIDEO)