Steele about Obama: Just Good Love Between 2 Brothers

Steele: Obama Teasing ‘Just Good Love Between 2 Brothers’ – Presidential Politics | Political News –

Michael Steele occasionally shocks me with his racist comments. President Obama’s joke about Steele was no milder or harsher than the ones he made about Arlen Specter, David Axelrod, or the whole FOX News table. So what makes the jibes to Steele “good love”? As Steele explains it: those comments were “between two brothers”.

What were the jibes the white guys got? Love between two honkies?

Obama is too often accused of “playing the race card”. Steele has spent all of his time as RNC chairman living the race card. These comments are one more example of the way Steele stereotypes ALL black men.

No, Michael–it wasn’t “good love between two brothers”. That kind of comment is exactly what Obama mocked. Give it a rest. If you have a mind that runs on something other than hip-hop or ball caps, now would be a good time to show it.