Obama: 63% Approval, 81 Measurements

Gallup has released its numbers, showing that President Obama had a high approval rating for his first quarter, which doesn’t surprise me. What does surprise me is the number of “measurements” taken compared to the other presidents. 3 months–81 measurements. The highest number before that is Carter. I’m still looking for the measurements, but it seems to me like pollsters were looking hard for signs of disapproval.

Obama Averages 63% Approval in His First Quarter Highest first-quarter average since 1977

by Jeffrey M. Jones PRINCETON, NJ —

Barack Obama’s first quarter in office concludes on Sunday, and during this early stage of his presidency he has averaged a solid 63% job approval, reaching as high as 69% in the initial days of his presidency and falling as low as 59% on a few occasions.


Obama Averages 63% Approval in His First Quarter



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