Joe the Plumber Wants You! (…to pay him)

Joe the Plumber has a new gig: fronting for a wannabe lobbying group called IRS Vote. (For the bargain price of 99 cents, you can “vote the IRS out”!)

Wonder why Samuel Wurzelbacher & IRS Vote want $.99 per phone call? Here’s a breakdown:

50% Fees taken by Telecoms providers such as MCI, Verizon, AT&T, Sprint etc.
20% Advertising and Public relations*.
10% Payment collection
7% Production costs and salaries for team
5% Platform costs to service providers
8% Leftover after other costs

IRS Vote says: “Imagine the impact of taking the vote of 200,000,000 Americans with 75% voting for abolition? With the systems we have in place we are able to count the number of unique mobile phones and fixed telephone lines that vote. So we can hopefully provide an accurate figure for the number of unique voters.”

IRS Vote is a for-profit organization. At 8%, their cut of 200 million votes would be $15,840,000. That’s a lot of taxes.

If you’d like to see Joe’s 1-minute money plea, here’s the You Tube video.



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