Obama travels lighter than Bush.

According to Rush Limbaugh, President Obama’s 500-member group currently in London is abnormally large.

“… What is unusual, what is not the norm is the size of the traveling party. Out of 500 people, 200 of them are Secret Service and other security. But 500-plus people, that’s a little excessive, I am told, from what previous presidents took with them on international trips like this. “

Rush either needs better sources or should quit getting his answers from the man in the mirror.  A quick search turned up this 2007 Reuter’s article on George W. Bush’s trip to Australia. (emphasis added)

“The Jumbos are carrying 700 of the President’s closest friends, including a doctor, nurse, personal chef and four cooks.

They are also carrying advisers, and it is clear the President will not be short of advice.

His entourage includes 50 White House political aides, 150 national security advisers and 200 specialists from other government departments.

POTUS, as he is known in Secret Service jargon (President Of The United States), is getting by with a mere 250 protective agents. “

Limbaugh lies again. Why am I not surprised?