Is Israel purifying Gaza

A video taken by an Israeli camera crew shows a family home where a woman was shot and medical aid withheld until it was too late. The army decided the video should not be aired, per their agreement with the three Israeli television stations allowed into Gaza. Along with the family, interviews were shown with two soldiers who were part of the brigade. A soldier (in his words, “a good Hebrew boy”) admits he doesn’t know what they are doing in Palestine. “Purification, maybe? This is a dirty place. ”

That chilled me to the bone. Purification. Purify. Make clean. Cleansing.

Ethnic cleansing.

The idea that Jews are practicing ethnic cleansing infuriates some–no, the idea that others could say such a thing infuriates them. But it is ethnic cleansing.

Some Israelis pack a lunch and take it to a hill with a good view of Gaza. They picnic while they watch the slaughter below. They cheer when Gazans die.


One thought on “Is Israel purifying Gaza

  1. What race is a rocket that explodes in your back yard?

    What race is the bomb that explodes at the bus stop?

    Who is it firing the rockets into your back yard?

    Who is it wearing the bomb that blows up the bus stop.

    Do you think it unreasonable to feel some form of relief when someone you perceive as a potential “rocket firer” or “bomb wearer” is no longer able to carry out those deeds?

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Arab Nations would give the Palestenians some land for their own Country?

    Israel is the smallest country and non-Arab. Will it always be someone besides the Arabs to help other Arabs?

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